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Using Human Growth Hormone To Rebuild And Strengthen The Intestinal Wall

A study was recently conducted at the North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset , N.Y. by Dr. Alfred Slonim in order study where there were any signs of improved intestinal repair in patients who received growth hormone therapy. The participants who took part in the study had part of their bowels surgically removed. Dr. Slonim had a theory that human growth hormone might be capable of actually rebuilding and strengthening the intestinal wall.

At the end of the study, results found that of the 19 patients who were treated with human growth hormone, 11 were shown to have gone into remission. 14 of the patients showed some improvement and stated that their abdominal pain almost completely vanished. Less diarrhea was reported as well and the side effects that were experienced were mild. A control group was also studied in which 18 patients took a placebo. In that group there were no digestive changes.

At the time of the study there was only one medication which had been specifically approved for the treatment of Chron’s disease. The improvements shown in the study of the human growth hormone treatment were revealed to be almost as effect as the medication used to treat Chrohn’s disease, an anti-inflammatory drug. It should be noted that the patients involved in the study, including the control group, were also on a high-protein diet at the time of the study, which may have possible led to the high effectiveness of the human growth hormone treatment plan. 12

While many of the results published on subsequent studies have proven to be promising, there are still a great many individuals in the medical community who remain skeptical concerning the benefits of human growth hormone on the effects of aging. Although the FDA has not approved the use of human growth hormone for anti-aging purposes, this still remains one of the most popular uses for the many homeopathic human growth hormone products that have been released for over the counter sales in the past few years.

Besides the studies that have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of human growth hormone on the aging process, there have also been numerous studies conducted and published regarding the effect of human growth hormone on athletic performance. The use of performance enhancing drugs in athletics is nothing new; the practice has been going on for some time. The level of controversy over the use of human growth hormone in athletics is, however something of a new frontier.

As mentioned in the previous section, many of the studies conducted on the effectiveness of human growth hormone in athletics have not proven to be particularly successful. The dismal results of the studies have not stopped the use of human growth hormone supplements by athletes and the mere fact that the use of such products has been banned by many major sports organizations and leagues as well as the Olympics, would seem to lend credence to the theory that human growth hormone supplements must have some positive effect on athletic performance; at least according to many supporters of the trend.