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Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone Supplement

Athletic use still remains one of the top reasons why homeopathic human growth hormone supplementation products are purchased; as the FDA injectable forms are not available for such yes. It is unknown whether any future study will ever be able to prove a positive effect of human growth hormone on athletic performance, however; there is no doubt that many consumers still believe human growth hormone has the ability to effect their athletic prowess.

In fact, there have been cases cited where parents have requested the prescription human growth hormone treatment for their children so that they could increase their performance in sports, particularly basketball. As the injectable form of human growth hormone has not been approved for such use, there is little doubt that consumers who are interested in such use have turned to the homeopathic human growth hormone products as an alternative.

While homeopathic human growth hormone supplements have become quite popular with consumers in recent years as an alternative to the injectable version, which is widely unavailable for most consumers, many individuals remain confused by the variety of products on the market today. The differences between the homeopathic human growth hormone products and the injectable, FDA approved version of the human growth hormone product are also often a subject of much controversy as well as confusion. In order to understand the difference between the two it’s critical to understand how the two forms of these products are actually produced.

The previous section discussed how the method for producing and manufacturing the injectable, FDA approved version of the human growth hormone was discovered and has now led to production on a massive scale. With the increasing number of products on the market today touting claims as a homeopathic human growth hormone, it is increasingly important to understand how the genuine products are marketed, in order to establish the difference between valid products and those which have no substantial properties whatsoever.

The homeopathic forms of the human growth hormone are manufactured using the same techniques as the injectable, human growth hormone. This manufacturing process uses recombinant DNA in which the specific DNA code for the human growth hormone is synthesized. The resulting material is then placed into an organic strain and purified to a form that the human body will recognize as the natural form the human growth hormone.

While all homeopathic human growth hormone supplement and treatment products which are sold over the counter are supposed to be manufactured under the strict guidelines as set forth by the FDA, many are not and it can be difficult for consumers to distinguish between the products which have been approved by the FDA and which ones are merely scams. To make the matter even more confusing, products generally tend to go by a variety of names. 4

HGH Enhancers

There are currently thousands upon thousands of homeopathic human growth hormone products which are offered for sale under the vague title of HGH enhancers. Many of these products contain no beneficial elements at all and will not provide the same benefits as products which are manufactured under the strict guidelines set forth by the FDA. This is not to say that there is not a product out there that is labeled as an HGH enhancer that is not manufactured under the highest standards, but the savvy consumer should be aware that a product purchased with this self-proclaiming title may not be the real McCoy. It is always wise to carefully read the ingredients list and thoroughly investigate the claims made by the product, especially if there are any clinical trials that are touted along with the advertisement for the product.