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Difference Between The Homeopathic Theory And Conventional Methods

Despite the amount of controversy concerning human hormone growth for all applications outside the limited FDA scope, it remains obvious that homeopathic human growth hormone supplements do provide some level of effectiveness.

In order to achieve the best results with homeopathic products, it is best to understand from the beginning the difference between the homeopathic theory and the theory that lies behind conventional and traditional drug treatment programs.

First, while the term homeopathic has only recently begun to receive attention in perhaps the last decade or so, it is far from being a new idea. The idea of homeopathy was first utilized by a German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, during the first part of the 19 th century. Until that time, there was still much about medicine that remained widely unknown. Bloodletting remained one of the most popular forms of treatment for a wide variety of illnesses, usually when the physician was unsure about a specific ailment, and numerous people died as a result.

We know now, of course, that this was a highly unhealthy practice; but at the time it was considered to be a standard practice by many medical professionals. After discovering that a particular herb, reputed to have the ability to cure symptoms of malaria, was also capable of actually inducing similar symptoms in healthy individuals; Dr. Hahnemann set out to systematically study a theory that would ultimately become the basis of the homeopathic belief. Medicine cure diseases because they are capable of producing similar symptoms in healthy individuals. Six years after initially beginning his study, Dr. Hahnemann published his first report on the study of homeopathy. The initial studies which Dr. Hahnemann worked on during the early 1800’s spawned an interest that lasts even unto the present day.

As early as World War I, there were hospitals in Europe that utilized the homeopathic theory in order to operate their wards. Surprisingly, these hospitals had far less rates of death than traditionally operated hospital wards. Since that time, studies have focused on the effectiveness of the homeopathic theory and discovered that it is actually quite effective. 16

So, what is the homeopathic theory? Many traditional doctors and health care physicians simply treat symptoms. In some cases, this all they know to do. Homeopathic practitioners take a different view, however. For many years now, the study of homeopathy has focused on rooting out the cause for symptoms instead of simply treating them. The human body generally produces symptoms to bring awareness to the fact that something else is really going on inside. For example, a headache may be a symptom for a number of issues including something as simple as a sinus problem or as serious as a potential stroke or even the presence of a tumor.

In the application of the human growth hormone to treat the effects of aging, the theory is the same. The body begins to age due to what is going on inside. The body begins to decrease its production of the human growth hormone and other critical amino acids, which then causes a chain reaction. The body is unable to fight off disease as easily as well as begins to lose the most well known indicators of youth such as firmness of skin and muscle tone.