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Human Growth Hormone Used To Treat A Variety Of Ailments

There is little doubt that professional athletes continue to use human growth hormone supplements despite the fact that they are not approved for such use by the FDA and they have been banned by the Olympics and major sports organizations. Due to the fact that such use is illegal, most athletes are not willing to come forward and admit that they are using the human growth hormone because of its effectiveness. On the other side of the coin, while athletes are forced into secrecy regarding their use of the supplements, it is extremely difficult for officials to prove that athletes are using the supplements. This is primarily due to the fact that the body naturally produces the human growth hormone and therefore any testing would be dubious at best as an attempt to prove it.

The human growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland of the human body and under normal circumstances is responsible for a great number of body functions, including regulating the growth process as well as the stimulation and production of a number of other vital hormones. When the body is not able to produce enough human growth hormone on its own, there will be a deficiency and the individual will suffer a number of problems as a result, including dwarfism. A deficiency may result either from a congenital issue or from a surgery or other defect that occurred after birth.

The human growth hormone has received a significant amount of attention in the last two decades and must of it has been rather controversial. Now used as a medical therapy to treat a wide variety of ailments and available in both a prescription form and a diluted over the counter version, the human growth hormone has been in use since the 1950’s. At that time it was obtained from human cadavers. After the practice of obtaining the hormone during autopsies was disallowed, the process for obtaining it through recombinant DNA was approved by the FDA and this process is now available for the treatment of specific medical conditions by prescription, as allowed by the FDA.