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Human Growth Hormone Sprays

Human growth hormone sprays are some of the most widely debated products on the market today. A number of the other types of homeopathic human growth hormone products, such as creams and tablets, indicated that human growth hormone sprays are incapable of working and in effect, worthless due to the fact that they human growth hormone is incapable of being absorbed under the tongue; which is how the sprays are indicated for use. The manufacturers of human growth hormone sprays have retaliated and state that when produced under the right guidelines as directed by the FDA, they are perfectly capable of being absorbed and are in fact, effective. The claims of both can be quite confusing for the consumer, especially when presented with what appear to be valid clinical trials, both of which state the exact opposite of the other. So, which one is the consumer to believe? Do the homeopathic human growth hormone sprays work or don’t they?

While it is unlikely that the manufacturers of varying types of homeopathic human growth hormone products will ever reach a consensus anytime in the near future, there has been some research published on the matter. An article in Psychology Today 14 reported the results of studies conducted on a human growth hormonal oral delivery system. According to the article, Dr. Robert Lawrence, PhD, Biomedical Engineering; PHD, Nuclear Physics; Ms, Microbiology: MS, Computer Science and world renowned polymer physicist developed an oral delivery system for the growth hormone. Dr. Lawrence was subsequently named Chief Science officer of a nearly $3 million project that was started by Bushard Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Lawrence was able to develop a polymer, which consisted of a unique vegetable based enzyme that allowed large molecules to be absorbed through the oral mucosa. This is an interesting breakthrough because many critics of the homeopathic human growth hormone sprays claim that the products simply don’t work because the large molecules contained within the growth hormone are not capable of being absorbed through the tongue.

Buschard Pharmaceuticals conducted thousands of studies in several major U.S. cities during a six year time span between 1991 and 1997 under the direction of Dr. Lawrence. The purpose of the studies were to determine the validity of the oral application of a specific human growth hormone oral spray. Participants in the studies were between the age of 31 and 89 who were in what was considered to be fair health. According to Psychology Today, “The results were astounding--noted were increases in mental stability, lean muscle mass, energy, libido, skirt rejuvenation, and reacquired hair color and density. Also noted were reductions in excess weight, blood pressure and blood sugar.”

The studies went on to state that the recommended use of the spray was a combination of 3 sprays in the morning (2,000 ngs) and 3 sprays at bedtime (2,000 ngs), for a total of 4,000 ng daily. It was also noted in the study that it was highly important to select the right oral human growth hormone solution, given the fact that there are so many formulas and varieties available on the market. The article suggested that experts recommend consumers to look for a formula that offers a high hormone concentration and effective delivery. One product noted, the EGH-1 oral spray, was said to have twice the strength of other oral GH products on the market, containing 2,000ng of recombinant growth hormone per dose, the highest concentration of biologically active growth hormone available. The article went on to mention that this particular oral spray was able to be completely absorbed into the cells of the oral mucosa and goes directly to the pituitary gland, avoiding inactivation in the digestive process.