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Frequently Asked Questions (Part 2)


How do homeopathic versions of the human growth hormone actually work?

There are currently a number of homeopathic human growth hormone products on the market and each one is administered in a slightly different manner. Creams work by allowing the human growth hormone to be absorbed directly into the skin, and therefore directly into the bloodstream. This allows the hormone to travel through the bloodstream, directly to the pituitary gland where it is bound to receptor sites located throughout the body. The live then takes on a critical role in putting the human growth hormone to work by sending messenger signals to strategic points throughout the body. Other homeopathic forms of the human growth hormone, including tablets and sprays, work in a similar manner; however they may not be absorbed as quickly as a cream.

How long does it take to notice a difference when taking a homeopathic human growth hormone?

The length of time it takes to notice a difference when using a homeopathic human growth hormone depends greatly on the individual taking it. There are numerous factors that can affect how well, and how soon, the growth hormone will begin to work in any one person. If the individual is eating a well balanced diet, getting an adequate amount of restful sleep and is taking part in a sensible exercise routine, then under most circumstances, they can expect to begin seeing results in about one to two months following the initiation of treatment.

Are there any risks related to taking homeopathic versions of the human growth hormone?

Human growth hormone supplements have been proven to be perfectly safe when used under supervised settings for a limited amount of time. It should be noted, however; that excess levels of the human growth hormone or taking the supplement for prolonged periods of time have been linked with very serious medical conditions. One of these involves bone growth. While it is quite normal for the bones of children to continue growing, through growth spurts, for a number of years, this tendency generally stops once a human reaches the latter part of their adolescent years. When an adult experiences bone growth the situation can become quite serious and result in a number of painful disorders including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoporosis among others. This is one of the most important reasons why any individuals undergoing a human growth hormone treatment plan should be supervised and the levels of the hormone should be carefully monitored, particularly during the first few months of the treatment phase.

What are the FDA requirements for a homeopathic human growth hormone product?

The FDA prohibits homeopathic human growth hormone manufacturers and vendors from marketing their products in terms of nanograms. This is only acceptable for the prescription, injectable version of human growth hormone. Furthermore, the product must be considered to be safe and effective, prepared according to specifications set forth by the General Pharmacy and the vendor must submit documentation and any toxicity information that is relevant. A number of vendors market human growth hormone products based on the results of the injectable human growth hormone treatment studies and are liable for breaking federal law and as such may face imprisonment and fines. The FDA has been known to close down more than one vendor for such acts.