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Frequently Asked Questions

What is human growth hormone?

The human growth hormone is a substance that is produced in the pituitary gland of the human body quite naturally. Throughout the lifespan of the average human being, the human growth hormone is released from the pituitary gland, reaching its maximum during the hours when most people are asleep. The purpose of the human growth hormone is to promote growth in babies and children and support healthy metabolism in adults. The human growth hormone has also been shown to play a critical role in the aging process.

As a protein, the human growth hormone actually is comprised of over 190 amino acids. The human growth hormone also has the responsibility of producing several other hormones, which are also critical to the healthy development and maintenance of the human body.

Levels of the human growth hormone are generally at their highest when humans are young and begin to start tapering off sometime after age 25. From that point, levels of the human growth hormone steadily decrease and by age 65 most humans have seen a reduction in their levels of human growth hormone by as much as 90%.

Is there an optimal age at which you should start taking human growth hormone?

There is not really an optimal age to begin taking human growth hormone. Very young children are often administered the FDA approved injectable form of the drug in order to treat severe growth deficit disorders. Likewise, individuals who are in their sixties and seventies have taken the homeopathic forms of the human growth hormone and have seen results.

Is it safe for children?

As previously mentioned, children who are unable to produce enough human growth hormone on their own to stimulate the normal growth process have been given the injectable human growth hormone supplement in order to assist their bodies in catching up in the growth process. It should be noted that while the human growth hormone is considered to be safe for children who are unable to naturally produce enough of the hormone on their own, either through a congenital or acquired deficiency; it is not recommended for children who have sufficient levels of the hormone. Excess levels of the human growth hormone in both children and adults have been linked to very serious health conditions.

Is it safe for pregnant women to take?

Any woman who is pregnant, or thinks she might be pregnant, should never take any type of medical product without first consulting her physician. This is true for the human growth hormone as well as any other type of product. It is always better to ask first.

Where does the HGH in homeopathic human growth hormone products come from? Is it the same as the injectable form?

Human growth hormone was first introduced in the 1950’s and at that time it was taken from the pituitary glands of cadavers during autopsies and used to treat dwarfism. In the mid 1980’s that practice was stopped and the first injectable form was approved by the FDA. The injectable form uses a formula based on a method for obtaining a chemically processed human growth hormone that is identical to the natural human growth hormone manufactured naturally in the pituitary gland. The true homeopathic human growth hormone products are based on the same recombinant DNA process; however the solutions are a diluted version of what is present in the inject human growth hormone that is used by prescription only.