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Human Growth Hormone
, or HGH, which is chemically known as Somatropin, is actually a protein that is composed of 191 amino acids. Most of the bodys organs and systems depend on the hormone, in some way, to function. The pituitary gland is the site of human growth hormone creation. Somatropes, which account for more than fifty percent of the pituitary gland, actually produce HGH.

Human growth hormone peaks during adolescence and then decreases dramatically thereafter. For example, at the age of 40, production is about 40% of what it was at the age of 20. This decreasing trend continues with age. Physical effects associated with this significant decline include an increase in body fat and anxiety, and a decrease in general well-being. It is for these very reasons that HGH supplements have become so popular.

Human Growth Hormone Benefits

As written in detail on The 3 Best HGH Supplements - Legal Human Growth Hormone Booster Pills, human growth hormone supplements can stop some of the effects of aging and reverse some of its biological effects. For example, in many cases, users of HGH supplements experience improved brain functionality, weight loss, a rejuvenation of the skin, enhanced energy levels, the potential for significant muscle development and an increased sex drive.

Side Effects of Growth Hormone

For all of positive effects of human growth hormone, there are a number of possible negative side effects of supplements of which potential users should be aware. Low blood sugar (called hypoglycemia) and improper thyroid function are the two most common. Other side effects include diabetes, enlargement of the heart and/or kidneys, and high blood pressure.

HGH Products

The FDA has only approved the injection form of HGH products. For this reason, many of the suppliers actually sell a homeopathic product, or they sell products that stimulate the body to produce more of its own growth hormone.


Controversy surrounds the use and effectiveness of HGH supplements. This is because, first, they are not cheap and, second, many people will tell you that the supplements proved ineffective for them. Opinions vary when it comes to the appropriate dosage amounts, frequency of treatment and duration of treatment. Because these variables directly impact the treatments results, some users claim that it is highly effective, while others disagree. Further, taking growth hormone may not enable you to achieve the results that you desire. This is because the effectiveness of HGH is determined both by how much is secreted and by how it is converted by the liver. Supplements only account for the former, and do not improve the latter.


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